EMPERIS™ Is based in the heart of England and was founded in 2010. Emperis™ is the only handcrafted ball joined doll that is not only designed but also made in England. We have been making handcrafted fine art and fashion dolls since 2010. This has allowed us to turn our passion into a business but also transformed into a special kind of art form. Together with sculpting skills and fashion design, it has given us an independence to express our sense of fashion and style, making us truly a powerhouse in the doll world, as proven by our many and select customers and fans.  We believe that each new design should lead you into a world of imagination.

We have invested a lot of time to get our dolls to a standard that we are happy with. In 2010 we started from humble beginnings with sketches of our ideas. Then from said sketches to clay. we created everything ourselves: master doll prototypes, artwork, makeup, wigs, fashions. Over the years we have gained many new skills. Doll making is a process that uses a combination of skills including, fashion design, sculpting, painting, mechanics of movement, anatomic studies, drawing,  jewellery and textiles  All of our doll creations are limited editions or one of a kind specials.