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Next generation

At Emperis as you know we are constantly looking at way to improve our dolls, with this in mind we have come up with new body design to improve the poseabilty, as this is something very close to our hearts as doll collectors. We have also made extra joints on both male and female dolls. We have made our very popular boys more masculine, so you can drool even more than before! We have numerous new male and female face sculpts too! We have a range of celebrity dolls coming soon, Prince harry you may have seen the pre-release already in posts in the Fangazine. Since this year 2018 is the eighth birthday of Emperis, and Emperis being a truly English company we are releasing a ball jointed English Bulldog, price to be announced. So watch this space for very exciting year to come….

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15 Facts about Miss Lavish

  1. Meaning of Lavish : Profusion or Luxurious

  2. Her Numerology (Lucky number) is 8

  3. Her favourite colour is mauve

  4. Her favourite designer is Alexander McQueen

  5. Her favourite food is French cuisine

  6. Lavish’s pet is a British Bulldog

  7. She was born in England

  8. She is a big fan of Elvira and Cher

  9. There is romance in the air as she has been seen with Eros.

  10. Her favorite movie is Breakfast At Tiffany’s

  11. Her best friends are diamonds

  12. She loves high heels

  13. Lavish loves transatlantic cruise travel

  14. She hates is animal cruelty

  15. Miss Lavish does not take alcohol.



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Welcome to our new website….

Welcome to Emperis new design website. We have needed an update for some time. We started this several months ago.  We hope you like our new website, we have new features that were not available on the old site. We now have a Blog! Where we can keep you abreast with what we’re up to here at Emperis house, and you can leave us comments too. We also have our workshop where you will see the bare bones of doll making. We have a news section to inform you of any up coming events. We have the process where we will post video and photographs as we go along. Last but not least we have out House of Emperis where we shall share our creative ideas with you. Our new website has some great features such as a wish list, each item has a little heart symbol that you can click to add to your own wish list, then from your wish list you can add to your cart when ready. We also have the quick add to cart and quick check out. Your own account management. product zoom view and related product, and last viewed items.