Evangelina… A truly OOAK masterpiece. Dressed doll. (Sold)

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Evangelina (Dressed doll) is a OOAK doll, fully painted from head to toe and detailed to make her look like delicate porcelain. Evangelina’ make-up is a modern take of the traditional Geisha style with sharp, angular eyebrows that contrast wonderfully with her rose eye shadow, temptress violet lips and cheeks that display a delicate blush of innocence. With hair in the traditional geisha style, complemented by a dazzling golden Kanzashi accented with a delicate snow flower on a jet background. Evangelina wears a stunningly beautiful jet Haori kimono with white floral accents. This fusion of the traditional and the new is secured by a yellow and red floral Obi (belt). The Japanese styled outfit is a vision in jet and white, fully lined with lustrous satin which spills out into a dazzling white collar. a full length immense jet Pleated skirt to complete this most regal piece. Accessorised with wooden bead necklace in a traditional monk style. Matching shoes and Earrings. Evangelina will be the jewel in your collection.

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