Exclusive Legacy Homme “Blazer” Footwear, LE20


Body Type: Legacy Homme       Edition Number: LE 20
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Introducing the exclusive Legacy Boy Trainer Boots, a limited collection of only 20 pairs designed for urban exploration. These boots feature a captivating camouflage pattern on the uppers, elegantly trimmed with a white stripe for a modern and dynamic aesthetic. Embodying urban style, the heels, toes, and lace holes are accentuated with tan leather, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.
The boots boast thick white rubber soles, delivering both style and functionality with a rugged charm. To further elevate their contemporary appeal, a narrow black line adorns the soles, completing the look with a sleek and urban edge. These Trainer Boots redefine casual elegance, setting a new standard in fashionable, limited-edition footwear for the Legacy Boy collection.

PLEASE NOTE: ( Actual product colours and decorations may slight vary. Doll and other unstated accessories are not included.)

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