Exclusive Legacy Homme “Stormbreaker” Timberland Inspired Footwear, LE20


Body Type: Legacy Homme       Edition Number: LE 20
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Introducing the exclusive Legacy Boy walking boots inspired by River Island, a limited collection of 20 pairs exuding urban sophistication. Crafted with premium tan suede uppers adorned with meticulous fine detail stitching, these boots boast 14 lace-up holes, complemented by intricately detailed tan laces, setting a trendsetting tone. The upper part is elegantly finished with black leather ankle support, combining style with functionality.
These boots don a rugged rubber sole designed for urban exploration, providing unparalleled grip and durability for every step. The marriage of sleek design and practicality makes these walking boots a statement piece, embodying the essence of urban chic and setting the benchmark for fashion-forward footwear in the Legacy Boy collection.

PLEASE NOTE: ( Actual product colours and decorations may slight vary. Doll and other unstated accessories are not included.)

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