“IZAAK” Estimate Shipping Time Mid July


Body Type: EH-4       Skin tone: Desire       Face sculpt: Izaak         Edition Number: 20

Product Status: Pre-order with a none refundable deposit of £133.75 and three payments of £133.75  full price is £535 + shipping. (Estimation completion time frame April 2024). Shipping cost invoice will be sent with Final payment

Emperis© proudly unveils the much-anticipated “Izaak,” a 17-inch embodiment of strength and elegance within the Emperis Homme lineage. Sculpted with meticulous detail, “Izaak” boasts a lifelike physique, exuding masculine allure through enhanced proportions—broadened shoulders, defined pecs, robust biceps, and toned calf muscles, all complemented by an impeccably chiselled abdomen. His 20 points of articulation elevate the art of posing and display, ensuring a captivating presence in any setting.

This fourth generation Emperis Homme introduces the “Desire” skin tone, accentuating its allure. Every aspect has been meticulously refined, from the deep copper-russet eyes to the intricate vein detailing and full-body blushing. “Izaak” arrives impeccably groomed, featuring hand-applied eyelashes, a clean-shaven visage for a refined aesthetic, and a selection of accessories including a hard cap wig, briefs, extra grip hands, a dressing ball, and a doll stand. Complemented by a Certificate of Authenticity and housed in Emperis’s bespoke foldable packaging, “Izaak” embodies the pinnacle of haute couture collectibles.

Including: Izaak BJD Art Doll, Undergarment, Extra grip hands, a Dressing ball, Doll stand and Artists Certificate of Authenticity.

PLEASE NOTE: (Actual product may vary in colour slightly to the photo from monitor to monitor.)