Legacy 12″ Audrey Hepburn Inspired “Charade Dot Couturier” Dressed Doll. (2 Remaining)


Body Type: LF1-20       Skin tone: Millennium         Face sculpt:  Xia Lin
Edition Number: LE5       Product status: in stock    
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Presenting “Charade Dot Couturier,” a 12″ one-of-a-kind Audrey Hepburn-inspired doll embodying timeless elegance. This exquisite doll is adorned in a black and white polka dot “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” style dress, evoking the iconic sophistication of Audrey Hepburn’s fashion legacy. The simplicity of the dress speaks volumes of refined sophistication, featuring intricate cotton detailing and accentuated with a white faux fur shawl finished with diamanté embellishments. Completing the ensemble are jet high heel shoes, adding a chic allure to her look, along with elbow-length gloves.

Her captivating countenance features a soft yet alluring blush face-up, framed by her iconic eyebrows and dark brown eyes that exude depth and sophistication. Adorned with captivating ruby-hued lips, perfectly coordinated with a matching manicure and pedicure, she embodies classic glamour. To complement her ensemble, she carries a stylish jet glossy handbag, seamlessly matched earrings, and a pearl necklace, adding a final touch of sophistication to this iconic Audrey Hepburn-inspired creation, setting the standard for haute couture collectible dolls.

The doll’s versatility is enhanced by a dark brown mohair hard cap wig, allowing collectors to restyle and create new looks with ease, adding further flexibility and creativity to this timeless piece of art.

Including: “Charade Dot Couturier” BJD Art Doll, Fashion, Hard cap wig, Extra hands,  matching jewellery, A pair of dressing pin, Doll stand. Artists Certificate of Authenticity.

“Please Note: Actual product colours and decorations may slightly vary. Any other unstated items are not included.”


In stock