Legacy® 12″ Doll Outfit “Summer Bloom Beauty” LE10


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Introducing the Legacy® limited edition retro summer dress “Summer Bloom Beauty” — a chic and elegant ensemble perfect for a day out. This iconic 50s-inspired dress fulfills every girl’s dream of timeless glamour.

The outfit is gracefully complemented by a black belt and a matching clutch, adding a touch of sophistication to its allure. This ensemble includes the dress and a coordinating purse, making it a complete and versatile outfit.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this dress features metal snap buttons and is fully lined for a polished finish.

Capture the essence of retro charm with the “Summer Bloom Beauty” dress, a quintessential addition to any vintage-inspired wardrobe.

“Please Note: Actual product colours and decorations may slightly vary. The doll and any other unstated items are not included. This outfit will fit other similar-sized dolls. Some may encounter a slight looseness or tightness.”

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