la-di-da outfit LE10 Inspired by YSL (Sold Out)

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la-di-da outfit LE10 Inspired by YSL (Available for pre-order)

This outfit fits Emperis and similar sized dolls Deva, Ficon, Mosdoll, KD ect.
Three piece comprising of a faux leather biker jacket with functional zippers, dress and a belt.
This fantastic black and white Mondrian inspired dress made of contrasting fabrics, platinum white satin and jet black sequins, with opposites front and back. Complemented with a faux leather black belt with chrome buckle. A pair of black lace tights. A jet black faux leather biker jacket, four pockets, finished with chrome studs. Accessorised with a retro cube necklace and black and chrome dropper style earrings. Black faux leather handbag with detailing white stitching and an Emperis button. Pair of black high heels.

Included: la-di-da outfit LE10. Accessories include; retro cube necklace, dropper style earrings, black high heels. Doll and other accessories are not included. Actual product may vary in colour slightly to the photo from monitor to monitor.

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