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Body Type: New E3 Skin tone: New Millennium Face Sculpt: Athena
Alice is one of the very latest generation from Emperis. This being our 8th year anniversary she comes with the Wonderland gift set that includes, (drink me potion bottle, a white rabbit, antique gold key) She comes with 23 new engineered ball joint articulations giving even more of the now famous Emperis poseability. she has the new seamless head design. She has the new demur bust. She is also made of the new generation UV protection resin. The new resin is lighter but stronger and gives a flesh like feel to the touch and has a smoothness of quality that you will love. Her skin tone has blushes and natural freckles. Her face up is a soft enigmatic yet stylish cosmopolitan look. With gentle rose lips and nude shadow. Distant blue grey eyes, applied lashes and finished with feathered brows. She got natural subtle body freckles to bring the life look. Her wig is made of light blonde mohair in a formidable updo madam pompadour style. Her dress takes inspiration from Dior by John Galliano “the tea party with Alice in wonderland” It’s made of sheer Royal Blue satin, giving a brilliant metallic sheen. Nimble waist line giving way to exuberant flaring retro style skirt with tri-layers with an open seem to add to the flair effect. Side drape panel. The bodice is made Lilly white lace, profoundly covered with ornate brocade. Neck and shoulder adornments of gold wire interwoven with white cord in a military style, capped off with gold buttons and trimmed with numerous gold chains. To the front is a corset lace in helix pattern, with gold tip pulls and matching gold buttons. Fully lined with a soft white sheen satin…

Included is: Alice LE15 new generation art doll, removable hard cap mohair wig, complete costume with the wonderland gift set, a pair of high heels, matching earrings, doll stand and doll box. Applied upper eyelashes and felted joints. Extra pair of hands and changing pin. Artist certificate of authenticity.