The Mad Hatter LE15 (Now sold out thank you)

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EH2 Skin tone: Angelic Face Sculpt: Boreas
The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad? Alice: I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are!

The first of the new EH2 from Emperis Homme standing 17 inches tall, he has a toned, masculine physique. He comes with 23 new engineered ball joint articulations giving even more of the now famous Emperis poseability. He has the new seamless head design. He is also made of the new generation UV protection resin. The new resin is lighter but stronger and gives a flesh like feel to the touch and has a smoothness of quality that you will love. He has full realistic body blushing with natural freckles. Muscle toning to augment his taut six pack, including vein details. He has ocean-green eyes. His face-up is a natural pale with freckles akin to that of someone from a Celtic heritage, as can be seen with his strong features. His wig is made of burnt orange mohair in a wild frenzy shoulder length loose style. His fashion is tailored in the traditional manor befitting a 17th century gentlemen. He has a pair of Long Johns made white linen, his breeches are made of blue and white polka dot cotton, his full length waistcoat made of russet has a tapered waist and open lower front, 5 buttons. His coat is a three quarter length fully lined, made of cotton with a atelier pattern in blue on white background, trimmed with russet to complete. His hat is a large top hat in light tan brown, with blue with white polka dots trimming, white motif bow and feathers and the 10/6 note. Finished with a stupendous two tone cravat. His shoes are brown traditional style. He is also anatomically correct with genital detailing, and fully felted joints.

To complete the story, Mad Hatter will come with a white rabbit and his tea party set.

Included; The Mad Hatter LE15 resin BJD Fine art doll, Long Johns, jacket, waistcoat, breeches, Hat, Shoes and Cravat. Extra pair of hands, dressing pin, tea party set, the white rabbit, doll stand and doll box. Felted joints. Artist certificate of authenticity.